First Night Thirty For The AminoEster

With only this week and next week penciled in for the carp fishing before the piking takes over in November after my holiday rolls around at the end of this month, I headed down to the lake armed with some new bait to try from Tom at Pure Bait Concepts.
There are two different baits currently in production - The AminoMarine, which is an extremely high quality, spicy red fishmeal, that I will definitely be getting on when next Spring rolls around and secondly, a very sweet, nutty mix called the AminoEster, which is what I had chosen to try out for the back end of this year.
After smelling it all day in the shop as it was thawing out, I couldn't wait to get down there and give it a go. I had been keeping an eye on the catches from the guys using both baits over the last couple of years and to say they have accounted for some serious numbers of very special fish would be an understatement and knowing the extra time and effort that is put into the bait by someone as experienced and as knowledgeable as Tom, my confidence was already high before i'd even got the rods in the water.
After last weeks observations and subsequent result with that low 20 mirror at last knockings, I had been keeping an eye on the weather all week in the hope that it would stay favourable enough for me to drop back into the same area, next to the shallows, where I had seen them meandering about in the sunshine a few days previously.
It was already pretty much dark by the time I arrived around 7pm, but I soon had both rods positioned exactly where I wanted them. Having made a mental note of where the shallow area drops away into the deeper water last week, both of them went down first time with a nice thud and I was happy knowing I was fishing bang on where I wanted to be.
A few handfuls of the Ester were then spread around the area, as well as a few baits scattered up on top of the shallow marginal plateau to try and pull any extra fish down into feeding that may otherwise have just passed straight through.
With the rods out, the lines sunk straight down off of the rod tips into the gin clear water and the Evo set well back, up behind some nearby foliage, I got myself into the bag for an early night after having had a long weekend of birthday parties, presents and just general excitement from the two little ones!
At around 2:30am the right hand rod slowly picked up and then burst fully into life as my little 15mm cork ball pop-up had been picked up and the size 5 Medium Curve Arma Point had well and truly done it's job. A few powerful surges later and after a brief struggle with some weed out in front, I lifted the mesh up around what looked to be a fairly sizeable mirror.
After fetching my headtorch, getting the camera set and then the scales zeroed - I collapsed the net down and lifted her up onto the mat. Once the hook was out and she was hoisted up in the sling, a weight of 32lb 10oz was registered and I was over the moon to kick things off in style, first time out, on the new bait.
The following morning saw a rather chilly wind pick up, which was blowing straight into my face and unfortunately there were no real signs of anything else in the area, so a different plan may have to be put together for next weeks overnighter. Thankfully I've got an early finish at work on the Monday, so with any luck they may give the game away when I get back down there again and hopefully, I can finish my rather short period of carp fishing this year with another result, in much the same way as I did with the cats at the end of last month.
32lb 10oz
32lb 10oz