Delkim Safe-D v.2 Carbon Snag Ears

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Delkim Safe-D v.2 Carbon Snag Ears

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The Delkim Safe-D V2 Carbon Snag Bars are a bespoke design with a fixed replacement battery door that is moulded in tough nylon, that has the holders for the carbon uprights built in. This prevents the rods from pulling out on a severe take or with the windy climate. The carbon uprights can then be added or removed as required thanks to the slide design on the back/ battery door. This means that the holders remain permanently attached to alarms but still allow fitting of Delkim hard cases.

The beauty of the snag bars is when you remove your alarm from your rod pod, the whole snag bars come with it, so you are not left with a long dismantle time. The carbon uprights are also nicely finished with stainless caps for durability. Giving lightweight but high strength.

Comes with a left and right upright that are individually fitted to suit your fishing situation, replacement battery door, fixing for the uprights and two replacement longer screws to fix the battery door in place.

To fit the snag bars all that is required is to remove the battery door from your bite alarm, add the replacement battery door of the snag fitting, slide it in before securing it using the long screws. No additional attachments around the base of the alarm meaning nothing will get in the way between your bite alarm.

So if your bite alarms need enhancing and your rods require some more support, the Delkim snag bars V2, offer outstanding, reliable performance, take after take.