Salmo 3cm Floating Lil' Bug - Choice of Patterns


Salmo 3cm Floating Lil' Bug - Choice of patterns

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Lil Bug is a surface wobbler so called tracer. As you can derive from the name, it tempts the fish by disturbing the water surface and creating a trace or wave. This lets the predator to register the lure even when the water is a less than clear. Inside the body of the lure (the 3cm version) we installed a special casting system called the Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS). This special construction lets you cast on incredible distances and therefore reach the furthest reaches of the lake. Lil Bug was also fitted with incredibly sharp and strong treble hooks designed in Japan. Lil Bug is especially recommended for catching chub, ide and asp, but it can also be effective on other species that feed close to the water surface (perch, trout).