Bait-Tech Omen Bream Groundbait & Feeder Mix - 2Kg Bag

Bait-Tech Omen Bream Groundbait & Feeder Mix - 2Kg Bag

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Bream fishing will never be the same again! Designed specifically to target skimmer and bream, this groundbait makes a mockery of ‘traditional’ mixes. Developed for use in a feeder or on the pole, the easy mix formula boasts three new bream attracting flavours and herbs that are very different from the norm. Now proven by numerous anglers’ testimonials that our technicians have once again come up trumps.

Omen is a highly versatile mix specifically designed with skimmers and bream in mind and is the perfect choice for feeder, pole or waggler fishing on almost any venue!

Each ingredient has been selected to perform a specific job to give both instant attraction while also offering long term appeal to draw and hold fish in your swim. The cuisine for bream!

    • Ideal for pole, waggler and feeder use
    • Packed with new flavours and herbs
    • Bream attraction proved
    • Try mixing with Micro Premium pellets for extra feed value
    • Use with an open end feeder
    • Easy to mix