Mainline "Souper" Cloudy Zig Mix Groudbait - 4Kg Bag

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Mainline "Souper" Cloudy Zig Mix Groudbait - 4Kg Bag

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The Souper Zig Mix has been designed to create a suspended cloud of attraction in the upper layers and throughout the water column thats ideally suited to Zig fishing.

This is achieved with a groundbait-like mix that incorporates a combination of active enhancers; stimulants and slow sinking crushed particles to provide a consistent stream of attraction. Simply add lake water and any Activ-Ade Particle & Pellet Syrup to personalise your mix - extremely attractive at all times of year!

Mixing Tip: Add water a little at a time and momentarily test the consistency of the mix by throwing a small handful into your margin. Continue until the mix is sloppy and will disperse quickly, but will still bind slightly for dispatch via Spomb or spod or until the reach your desired texture. Available in 4kg bags.