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Guru Aventus Feeder Rods - Choice of lengths

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Engineered by their expert team to create the perfect range of premium grade gear! Pushing specifications to the absolute limit, it has been a long-term project, with all models entirely designed using their own specifications and requirements!
Zero 90 Carbon Technology involves double layering the carbon fibres in a variety of ways, from zero to 90 degrees. When cured, this gives them a combined longitudinal strength, recovery and crispness. Also prevents energy and accuracy loss giving more casting power and precision.
Right across the range, there is a model suited to all styles of angling. Whether that’s a delicate approach using the thinnest of lines, or when seeking full power for reaching new distances. There are 3 optional tips included with each model – meaning you can change things up as you need to.

Available in four options, a 10ft, an 11ft, a 12ft Distance & a 13ft Distance options.

Manufactured using High Volume Carbon Fibre
V-Joint Technology used in Spigot Joints
Fuji BCKWAG Guides with Alconite Rings
Fuji DPS Reel Seat
Handle – EVA Rear Grip, A Grade Armlock Cork Handle with CORK/EVA Down locking Fore Grip
Length: 10ft Feeder – Sections: 2 – Recommended line: 3lb-10lb – Casting Weight: 60g – Tips: 1.00oz, 1.50oz & 2.00oz
Length: 11ft Feeder – Sections: 2 – Recommended line: 3lb-10lb – Casting Weight: 70g – Tips: 1.00oz, 1.50oz & 2.00oz
Length:12ft Distance Feeder – Sections: 2 – Recommended line: 4lb-12lb – Casting Weight: 110g – Tips: 1.50oz, 2.00oz & 3.00oz
Length: 13ft Distance Feeder – Sections: 3 – Recommended line: 4lb-12lb – Casting Weight: 150g – Tips: 1.50oz, 2.00oz & 3.00oz