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Trakker ArmoLife Marble Cooksets - Choice of sizes

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With three different options in the range, the Armolife Marble Cookware sets have been developed to be extremely hard-wearing and are manufactured from a durable, two-layer marbled coating that brings professional grade, non-stick qualities to the bankside. Each pan has an extra-thick 2.5mm aluminium construction, with a stainless steel base boasting an embossed Icon logo. They are designed for use with a whole variety of heat sources at home and on the bank, and are finished in an olive-green colour with white and black flecks. Each set comprises a saucepan, frying pan and a detachable handle, which is compatible with all pans in the range, and has a twin-action safety catch to prevent any chance of accidental release when handling hot pans.

16cm x 6.8cm saucepan
20cm x 5cm frying pan

18cm x 7.8cm saucepan
24cm x 5cm frying pan

20cm x 8.8cm saucepan
28cm x 5cm frying pan