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Even the most ‘fair weather’ of anglers knows that there is nothing worse than spending hours at the water’s edge with cold feet. Damp or numb toes can turn an otherwise enjoyable trip into a miserable one. Any trip that is cut short due to discomfort on the bank is a trip with wasted potential, so why not get the most out of every session by ensuring your complete comfort. With the SkeeTex Thermal fishing Boot Replacement Liners you never need to end a trip due to discomfort again!

Thanks to the impressive technology on the outside of SkeeTex fishing boots, more often than not it is the softer inner lining that wears rather than the boot obtaining a rip or a hole in the external fabric. Buying a completely new pair of boots can be an expensive outlet, but luckily with its Boot Replacement Liners you don’t have to break the bank to ensure your feet stay warm and dry on the bankside.

These liners have been designed to fit the SkeeTex Thermal Fishing Boot, so please do check your size on the sole of your boot before ordering. Featuring a fleece inner, these liners are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, as well as having fantastic heat retaining properties. The outer layer of these boots has been constructed from an aluminium based fabric. This not only makes these lining incredibly hardwearing but also adds another level of heat retention. Working like an emergency foil blanket, this external lining layer reflects heat back into the boot, keeping your feet toasty all day long.

SkeeTex is a cold weather expert and primarily produces products to be used in the Alpine region. Its range of cold weather footwear is used by Arctic explorers and anglers alike, so you know your feet are in good hands when you buy a pair of SkeeTex boots.