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Winter angling can be incredibly rewarding, whether that is fishing for those winter carp or you’re looking to target coarse fish on the river. However, this enjoyable sport can soon turn miserable without the appropriate clothing choices and nothing is less fun than standing out in temperatures touching zero feeling as if your feet might drop off from the cold! Luckily, this is where SkeeTex steps in. The brand is one of the UK’s best respected cold weather experts and, as the name suggests, the brand has specialised in ski-wear for more than 60 years. The market leader for winter sports goods in the South-East, the company has remained a family run business since 1952, operating out of their Battlesbridge base.

These SkeeTex Thermal Fishing Boots are widely regarded as the warmest winter boot available on the market. Especially designed for anglers, these boots have unrivalled performance when it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry on the bankside. This boot was the original SkeeTex product and, despite increased competition and many changes in fashion, little has changed since the first iteration of the product. After all, why change something that is already considered to be perfect by anglers around the globe and this boot continues to be a bestseller worldwide. What’s more, SkeeTex is proud to say that its boots have never knowingly let a customer down, which is precisely why leading anglers around the globe continue to rely on Skee-Tex Thermal Fishing Boots too keep their feet warm and dry even in the harshest of conditions.

However, although they were designed with anglers in mind, these thermal boots are so warm that they have even been worn on arctic expeditions. The temperature can regularly sit as low as minus 59 degrees Celsius, and these boots have been known to keep feet warm and dry even in these bottom level temperatures. Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the first man to completely cross Antarctica by foot and the world’s most prolific endurance record holder, swears by these SkeeTex Thermal Boots and has worn them on many of his polar expeditions. If arctic explorers give these boots the thumbs up, then they are surely more than equipped to cope with anything the gloomy Great British weather can throw at us!

As you might expect from a pair of top quality cold weather boots, the SkeeTex Thermal Boots are 100% waterproof and have been designed to cope in conditions where your feet are submerged for a number of hours on end. Whether you’re stood in snow or in the shallow waters of your local venue, these boots will not only keep your feet warm but dry too. The boots feature a thick tread. This is to ensure that you can step out with complete confidence whilst you’re wearing the SkeeTex Thermal Boots, no matter how slippery or uneven the terrain is.

These boots are highly insulated and feature a thick thermal lining. Because of this, it is advisable to purchase the size up from your usual, as when worn with thick socks these boots can be a little snug. You should find that the size up offers the perfect fit for you when you’re wearing thick thermal socks. These boots are incredibly durable, however there are also replacement thermal linings available to purchase separately. This means that you can extend the lifespan of these boots for as long as you need them, enabling you to enjoy their warmth on the bankside year on year.